Our Trip to Alicante

Alicante Spain

If you ever have the opportunity to visit the south east region of Spain, I highly recommend not missing the opportunity to take in the sites of the beautiful Alicante. Alicante is a popular tourist destination and after spending some time in the region it is easy to see why. Alicante is the destination for … Continue reading “Our Trip to Alicante”

Magical Mystery Tour


A haunted house in California with doors that led to nowhere!… I really meant to post this sooner, but alas, Jenny from The Foolish Aesthete took the tour and gave us all the spooky details. Silicon Valley has its quirks and perks.  The creativity and earth-shaking inventions of the digital age find its epicenter here.  Yet, this … Continue reading “Magical Mystery Tour”

Khan Market


If you are visiting New Delhi then your trip won’t be complete till you check out Khan Market. A hot spot for expats, Delhi’s elite and youngster’s alike; one of the most expensive retail streets in the world, the market offers you high end Indian labels in clothing, jewelry, home decor and more. If you … Continue reading “Khan Market”

Living the Bollywood Experience


Hey BLN, Letizia here of Letizia Barcelona. I have already shared some of my experiences in India visiting the poor man’s Taj Mahal and Ellora Caves, but I haven’t told you yet about my Bollywood Experience! Oh I wanted to be a part of the Indian dream so bad! We had arrived in Mumbay for 2 … Continue reading “Living the Bollywood Experience”

Spice Station in Silverlake


I tried Indian food for the first time last year (East India Grill on La Brea is the best!), and I have been looking for a way to recreate the same recipes at home. Even in my general perusal of cooking blogs, I find it hard to track down all of the exotic and speciality … Continue reading “Spice Station in Silverlake”